Contact lenses are medical devices that require proper wear and care. They can be worn to correct vision as well as for cosmetic or therapeutic reasons. In Singapore, all contact lenses, even purely cosmetic ones, require a prescription. They must be prescribed and properly fitted by a registered Eye Care Professional, such as an ophthalmologist, optometrist, or a specially licensed optician.

An eye examination is needed to determine an individual’s suitability for contact lenses. This typically includes a refraction to determine the actual power of the lens, an evaluation on your visual needs, eye structure, and an assessment of the health of the eye.

Prescriptions for contact lenses and glasses may be similar but are not interchangeable and a re-examination should be done on a yearly basis to update your prescription.

By buying and wearing contact lenses without medical guidance and a valid prescription, you may put yourself at risk for serious, even eye blinding infections.